Get Your Skiwear Now !

If you want to buy new skiwear for this season then I would like to suggest that you get it in the near future, before most shops replace their skiwear with summer sports and camping gear.

SportsDirect have some amazing bargains, but it won’t last much longer. TKMaxx has some good bargains, but my local branch has very little left, especially in the smaller sizes. Specialist ski shops like Ellis Brigham and Snow+Rock keep skiwear in stock all season, but they have some really good bargains right now.

Handy hint for smaller people – children’s skiwear sizes tend to go a little larger than most children’s clothes, so if you are on the small side then it’s worth having a look. The thing to be careful with is the sleeve length – children’s skiwear tends to have slightly shorter sleeves.



It’s starting to snow in the Alps, so now is a good time to think about what you are going to wear when you get to the slopes. Colours this year are all brights. Cerise, chinese blue and lobelia for Winters, with black or white for ski pants if you don’t want to do colour top to bottom. For Springs the colours are aqua, mint green, canary yellow and shocking pink. It’s been a while since Spring colours have been seen in skiwear, so this year is a good one for getting a new outfit for you. For Summers and Autumns there is not quite so much choice for women. Summers may be able to find something in amethyst or raspberry. There is quite a lot of lime around for Autumns, but most of the chestnut, brick and olive colours are only in the mens section.

Don’t forget to visit your nearest House of Colour consultant to find out if you are Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.