Maternity Wear

So you’ve survived your pregnancy so far with your looser fitting clothes, but now you’ve got to the stage where you’re down to your partner’s shirts and leggings. Your feeling tired, fat and unglamourous. So what do you do ?

The first thing to remember is that your bump doesn’t disappear on the day the baby is born. It can take several months to go. Basically this means that maternity wear could be needed for longer than you think, and so it might actually be worth investing in some good quality pieces.

So where can you get something that doesn’t look like the typical maternity tent ? Try looking at Babes with Babies. They have some wonderful pieces which will look good on most body shapes, and which can still be worn after the bump has gone. Don’t forget that even with a bump on the front you should still dress for your body shape. Click on the banner below to go to their web-site.

Babes With Babies


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