M&S Results

M&S has reported a drop in profits, mainly due to poor sales in womenswear. Well I have to say that I’m not totally surprised. Their recent collections have had far too much emphasis on neutral colours. This was fine last winter, when the trend was for greys and blacks, but this summer and winter the trend has been far more colourful. Lots of oranges, turquoises, purples and berry colours everywhere on the high street – except for M&S. Apparently M&S are having a total revamp of their collection, and we should see the results of that when next year’s Autumn/Winter collection appears in the shop. Let’s hope that they think a lot more about colour this time.


With all the terrible weather that we have been having recently I expect that swimwear is the last thing on your mind at the moment, unless you are lucky enough to have a holiday in the sun to look forward to !

However the sun is bound to come out again at some point, so perhaps now is a good time to dig out your cossie to see if it will last you another year. If not then M&S has a fantastic selection of swimwear this year. A lot of it has draping and ruching, which is fantastic for those of us who have a few lumps and bumps that we would like to keep hidden. for those who prefer their swimwear a little less fussy there is also quite a lot with interesting belt and button details.


What Size Am I ?

I have just found a brilliant tool to work out what size clothes you should be buying. It’s at What Size Am I ? This will be especially useful when buying clothes online – especially from places like e-bay where returns might not be possible.

If you still can’t find anything that matches your body shape then there is still the option of trying a local dressmaker and having something made. It might not be as expensive as you think.

Get Your Skiwear Now !

If you want to buy new skiwear for this season then I would like to suggest that you get it in the near future, before most shops replace their skiwear with summer sports and camping gear.

SportsDirect have some amazing bargains, but it won’t last much longer. TKMaxx has some good bargains, but my local branch has very little left, especially in the smaller sizes. Specialist ski shops like Ellis Brigham and Snow+Rock keep skiwear in stock all season, but they have some really good bargains right now.

Handy hint for smaller people – children’s skiwear sizes tend to go a little larger than most children’s clothes, so if you are on the small side then it’s worth having a look. The thing to be careful with is the sleeve length – children’s skiwear tends to have slightly shorter sleeves.


How to Grab a Bargain

The sales season is now upon us, with lots of eye-catching bargains up for grabs. But are they really such a bargain ? There could be a very good reason why the price of something has been cut. It usually means that no-one wants it ! Remember that it’s much better to pay a bit more for something that you are going to wear a lot than it is to pay a bit less for something that actually you only wear once before you decide that perhaps you shouldn’t have bought it after all. So here are seven handy tips to help you.

  1. Decide before you go shopping how much you want to spend, and stick to it.
  2. Allow yourself plenty of time. Getting something in a rush before your car park ticket runs out is nearly always a bad move.
  3. Check the colours. Orange and burgundy doesn’t go together, however cheap it is.
  4. Can you tweak it ? Changing the buttons can transform a jacket. The right accessories might transform something slightly dull into a very versatile and much worn basic.
  5. Is it well made ? Check that fasteners are all there and well stitched on, check that the hem isn’t coming down, check that seams are the same on the left and the right (unless they are designed to be different).
  6. Does it flatter you ? Remember that if a dress isn’t working on you then it’s the dress that’s wrong, and not you.
  7. Will you wear it ? If you think it might come in one day, then by the time that day comes round you might not even like it any more.


Free Delivery

Many web-sites are offering free UK delivery on some dates in December. This will be a great opportunity to get your Christmas  shopping done without having to traipse around the shops. Some of the ones that I have found are :

Accessorize (ideal for getting glammed up for parties) – free UK delivery on orders over £40.

Alex and Alexa (children’sclothes) – free shipping worldwide.

Anna Scholz (dresses for real sized women) – free UK delivery on orders over £100

Dune (shoes) – free UK delivery on 9th December. Enter the code FD12X at the basket page.

Field and Trek (walking, camping, skiing) – free UK delivery on all orders over £60.

Helly Hansen (sailing and skiing) – Free shipping with code HHUKFREE11

Lipsy (party dresses) – Free UK standard delivery with code LINKSHARE – Valid 9 Dec until midnight.

Miriam Girard (lingerie) – Free gift wrapping and free delivery before Christmas.

Reiss (women’s clothing) – Free delivery on all orders on 9th December.

Style Passport (women’s clothing) – Free standard UK delivery with the code FREEDELIVERYDAY on 9th December only.

Ted Baker (menswear and women’s clothing) – Free Delivery on all orders until 19th December – this is automatically applied at checkout.